Monday, March 02, 2009

Reflections on the new year

It's 2009. It used to be 2008, but it is now 2009. 1989 was twenty years ago. Next years 1990 will have been twenty years ago. As I understand it, the system works like this: 10 years ago = the dorky decade that we would rather forget, 30 years ago = too far gone to be worth remembering, and 20 years ago = the best we've ever had. Ergo, next year there should a huge wave of 90's nostalgia, a wave where we will remember great things like... what exactly happened in the 90's?

So, from the perspective of someone who remembers absolutely none of the 90's, here is a list:

* If my parent's DVD collection is any indication, there were lots of romantic comedies (probably kick-started by When Harry Met Sally in 1989); enough that if you assigned a musical instrument to each one, you could start a battle of the orchestras competition.
* There was grunge and lots of it.
* And flannel, lots of flannel (except in the northwest, that wasn't a trend, they've always dressed like that).
* To a lesser extent there was ska-punk and the swing and rockabilly revivals.
* There was the internet (well, technically the internet has existed in one form or another since the 50's, but it just wasn't the same).
* Mainstream hip-hop mostly consisted of gangster rap, but there was also Arrested Development and who doesn't like Arrested Development.
* American comic books were "dark and edgy", but Azumanga Daioh (the best comic ever) started in 1999, so I'm going to count the 90's as an ok decade for comics.
* There great cartoons such as Sonic The Hedghog (SatAM, of course), Superman: The Animated Series, and The Adventures Of Sam And Max: Freelance Police.
* The Travelling Wilburys and Turning Point, my two favourite bands, both released some great music in the early 90's, but they both broke up in 1990 and 1991 respectively, so... yeah.
* Oh yeah, there was also the Clinton impeachment... that was fun.

So, that's the 90's as far as I care about it. Um... yeah.


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Grandma said...

Hey! Can you imagine I actually followed most of that! the 90's were a
blur for me! Too fast, too slow! Love G