Monday, October 20, 2008

Thoughts for October

I bought a guitar, I will hopefully be good enough to actually play music within the next year. I have acquired some harmonica skill thanks to I'm taking tap dance lessons. I'm trying to figure out whether or not House of Leaves will be worth reading. I haven't updated my blog in a month. I'm currently listening to The New Amsterdams and they're better than an emo band has any right to be.

What's new with you guys?



Gram said...

Wow it's amazing the links that pop up for harmonica learning! Makes you
feel like someone's looking over your shoulder! BEWARE, BE VERY AWARE!
What's new? Love and Hugs/Gram

AwOndErOUsEnIgmA said...

Awesome! I have a guitar but, unfortunately, that seems to be the only instrument that I CAN'T play which is more than a bit dissapointing. But it's ok...I get to redeem myself by singing for my band. ^_^ Yay, harmonica skillz! Tap dance lessone, huh? Sounds cool. I would LOVE to be cooridinated enough to attempt that. I have never heard of House of Leaves. Here's about I read it and tell you what I think of it? I am not even sure what constitutes blog updating so...I will likely never be sure how long it's been since I updated mine. Wow...for all my useless band knowledge I must say that I have never heard of The New Amsterdams. I must have a listen.