Monday, February 18, 2008

Da da dah

The first day of International Dadaism Month was on February 4. I was planning to deviate from the norm and actually post something for International Dadaism Month but, obviously, I didn’t make it. So, unless you want to wait for the second day of International Dadaism Month (April 1st) -- here’s my post.

My birthday is on February 22nd, which just happens to be the day that Dementia Wrestling (more on that in a bit) is running their winter Click-Per-View. I’m going to be presenting at a science fiction convention (more on that in a bit too). Also, I discovered an awesome new (for me) band, so all in all, life is going pretty well!

I am really excited to be going to the science fiction convention in a few weeks. This one has a really good Dementia track. Dementia is comedy music, derived from Dr. Demento, which is the entire reason that I’m going… That, and the fact that I’m hosting a discussion on how to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse. In addition to the fact that I’m presenting at a major event, I’m getting this really nice Night Of The Living Dead movie poster shirt to wear to the convention. Yes, I am flying from Texas (where it’s always too hot, even in midwinter) up north to where (according to My Mother, Jeff Foxworthy, and every Weather prediction I’ve bothered to read) it is incredibly cold in the dead of winter. No. I am not crazy. No. I do not plan on leaving the hotel. Yes. I realize that flying across the country to listen to a bunch of singers that almost nobody outside of the comedy music cult (which, by the way, is not a literal cult) has ever heard of makes me a humongous nerd. And, no. I don’t care.

I found a really nifty internet show called Dementia Smackdown which, essentially, consists of videogame characters that look like my favourite singers beating each other up. It’s really awesome! There’s also Dementia Raw which features videogame characters who, I assume, look like my favourite comedy DJs (I don’t know, because the only ones I’ve actually seen are the ones who are also singers) beating each other up. It’s like professional wrestling, but with 80% less talking and 108% more nerdiness! Having said all this, I should probably provide you guys with a link or four: go to for the show and to,, and for the music that the show was based on.

In other news, Weezer has replaced They Might Be Giants (who, in turn, replaced Queen) as my favourite band. I think I might have signed up for a few too many newsletters when I get six to ten emails a day from people I’ve never met personally. I have officially decided to scale back my webcomics reading from the 50 I had been reading to around 5. Greek and The Big Bang Theory (which, contrary to popular belief, is NOT based on my life) will both be back on TV soon on account of the Writers’ Strike ending. The Samurai vs. Vikings battle is still undecided.

And now: Grand Funk Railroad!