Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The In Joke Song

This just in: look at my hand, how weird is my hand?

Round and round and round I go

Where am I going? I don't really know

I don't know where I'm going

But I know exactly where I've been

And I bet'cha that some time in the future I'll go back again

(the rest of the song is accompanied by rhythmic banjo and maracas, except, of course, during the drum solo and the big finale)

If art is anything you can get away with

Then this should fit right in

I'm spouting meaningless crap, but I feel alright

If mom says to spit out my gum, then I'll swallow it in spite

The meaning of existence? Why it's 42

The colour of infinity is a kind of darkish blue

Everything wrong with Star Trek is all the fault of Q

When will Duke Nukem Forever come out? I really wish I knew

I got the existential blues and I think they are contagious

Is it just me or is reality outrageous?

Forever is a temporary state, I wonder why?

Could you please excuse me while I kiss the sky?

When it all comes down to it, is it just a lie?

No, I think it's all an in-joke between me, myself, and I

(Drum solo!)

(After the drum solo finishes, the drums keep going while voices chant "I'm Henry the 8 th, I'm Henry the 8th, Henry the 8th I am" and the maraca player starts banging their maracas together; three chants in the accordionist plays that riff from "Earache My Eye", followed by the keyboardist (me) playing the same riff (only on the keyboard) after that the banjo player plays the riff again (I really do love that riff), and then the bass player plays the exact same riff (go figure))

(30 second bag-pipe solo… and then, um… a drum roll ending with a big finale on the xylophone!)