Thursday, February 22, 2007

CNN Satire: Experts call for restrictions on childhood imagination


Leanne Manniche said...

Hi Stephen,
I have just read all of your blogs but what drew me to them was this satire article from CNN. Fantastic! I have printed it up for my almost 10yr old son Cory's teacher!!! and maybe his whole school!
You sound like such a switched on, funny and interesting kid. Stay that way, it sounds like your insight on the world (& parents!)is very realistic in a humorous way and there should be more of it.
My son Cory is very, very similar to you in regards to your 'personality efect'! and your intelligence and he is having a hard time convincing the world that he is okay and 'gets it' just doesn't always like it!
Good luck and I'll keep reading to see how you're enjoying life.
Feel free to contact us if you wish. Leanne

Lami said...

hi stephen, this is from manila (hope u remember me).
just so u know,,i am checking your blog every once in a while...yes, u have a reader as far as thr philippines ;)
Your parents are lucky to have a wonderful son like you.
don't worry about the chicks, u're still young and who knows, maybe it's just a matter of time and girls will go chasing after you!

best regards

Stephen said...

Mrs. Manniche:

I tried to respond back to you to see how your son is doing - but I don't have an email address for you. Feel free to email me at if he'd like to be friends.


Stephen said...


Thanks for your comments. I'm not really worried about girls, they are just fun. My sister is one of my best friends. Her friends can be annoying though....

I have a google group that will email you every new post if you'd like.