Friday, October 13, 2006

With Apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan...

I am the very model of a minor, twice exceptional,
About which science theories are misleading and deceptional.
You’ll find I’m very funny, sarcastic, and rhetorical,
I enjoy a good debate and conversations, metaphorical.
I’m well versed in mythology and Physics, theoretical,
With quantum realities, literal and hypothetical.
You’ll find me residing here on the continuum Autistic,
With interests eclectic and diversified; I’m Gifted, not simplistic!

Give my regards to Broadway!



donna in dallas said...


Not everyone in the theatre is an actor. It looks to me like you need to be a lyricist! Hey, somebody's got to write the musicals.

From your previous post, it sounds like T definitely takes after your mom!

Stephen said...

Are you calling me a nutjob cultist?

Just Kidding!