Thursday, September 14, 2006

Reader Q & A

Well, I really want to do a Reader Q&A post, but we've got very few Q and only slightly more A.

One of the big questions I've been asked is:

Q. "Why 'Gifted Gear'"?

A. First, its an homage to 'Guilty Gear' - the rock and roll fighting game. (Which may be the weirdest fighting game I've ever seen - but I enjoy it.) Second, I was really trying to do a sort of geek site where I would do reviews on actual toys, games, electronics, that gifted kids would enjoy. Honestly, I'd hoped to make a little money on a related site with links to the stores that sell the item and, eventually, get FREE stuff and become a gear Beta tester. But, I'm having a lot of fun blogging, so I may never get the other web site up. (FREE stuff is still accepted!)

Related Q. "Why are you writing about Asperger's instead of Gear?"

Related A. Well, they say write what you know. The closest I've been to gear, so far, is my computer and my GameCube controller. The first people kind enough to read my blog sent feedback indicating that I might actually develop a readership if I talked about what life is like as a gifted, Asperger's kid. Luckily, I do enjoy writing about my life. My life is fun. It would be even more fun with more gear though. (See above!)

Well, that gets us started. If you have more questions, comments, suggestions, or
FREE gear - please email me at


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